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At NORDAM, we engineer, build and provide technical expertise on custom integrated interiors.

We offer superior aircraft cabinetry fabrication, from custom galleys and entertainment centers to interior shell integration. Let us create your interior solutions from composite panels and handcrafted cabinetry to fairings and empennages.


NORDAM can build to customer blueprints or custom specifications. With the latest technology, equipment, and composite capabilities to make tomorrow’s aircraft possible, NORDAM is on the leading edge of innovation, pioneering new products for business, commercial, and military customers.


Specializing in business-jet component manufacturing, we are the global OEM of choice for nacelle and thrust reverser systems and integrated propulsion systems.

We can build to OEM blueprints or design to custom specifications and have integrated the latest metal and composite bonding technology. In some cases, we’ve developed that technology ourselves. From design and testing to certification and production, to assembly and integration of engine build up (EBU), we provide the right solution for any nacelle and reverser need.


We’re your comprehensive source for development, manufacture, repair, and overhaul of transparency components for fixed-wing and rotorcraft, from cabin and flight deck windows and canopies to wing tip and landing light lenses.

Our unique two-ply NORSTAR® design offers superior optical performance and erosion resistance. We also produce high-quality simulator screens and patented, proven acrylic materials, including industry-trusted NORDEX®. In fact, we do it all—creating, casting, stretching, polishing, and delivering each component with the speed, quality and service for which NORDAM is known.