Visitor Information

To facilitate your approval for entry to NORDAM campuses, please thoroughly and accurately complete a NORDAM Visitor Information Form below.

Take care to complete ALL required fields within the form, which have red asterisks (*) beside them.

Remember to sign and date your form in the areas provided.

Send your completed form—along with a copy of your photo identification, such as a valid driver’s license—to the secure address For faster processing, be sure to include your name in the subject of your email.

Questions about completing your form? Call 918-878-4000 and ask the receptionist for guidance.

Complete or download your Visitor Information Form here:

If visiting NORDAM in the United States, please additionally read the Visitor FOD Briefing (PDF).

IMPORTANT: Form may be completed and submitted online or saved to your desktop for printing and completing as a hard copy. To save to your desktop, click the 'save a copy' icon in the upper left tool bar.