NORDAM can build to OEM blueprints or design to your custom specifications. With the latest technology and composite structure capabilities to make tomorrow’s aircraft possible, NORDAM is on the leading edge of innovation, pioneering new products for business, commercial and military customers.

For airframe manufacturers and tier-one suppliers, NORDAM optimizes production by leveraging its global footprint and proven processes, efficiency, quality, logistics and supply chain management expertise.

Through organic growth as well as strategic acquisitions, we have developed vertical integration and a highly specialized approach to aviation interiors, aerostructures, engine structures and transparency products.

You can count on our knowledgeable and tenured engineering staff to bring new solutions on the forefront of technology. And you can rely on our talented program managers to apply the benchmark principles and processes that allow us to maintain our outstanding reputation for customer satisfaction.  

NORDAM manufactures flat panels for virtually all aircraft applications: flooring, bulkheads, walls, galleys, cabin dividers, stowage modules, compartments, cabinetry construction, and more. Our versatility in flat panel construction shows in the variety of material combinations we use, sandwiching core materials such as Nomex®, aluminum, and foam, between skins of fiberglass, Kevlar®, carbon fiber, or aluminum alloy. For specific information, please contact us by using the flat panel data request form.

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Available only from NORDAM and certified for a large number of commercial, regional and military aircraft, the impact-resistant, moisture proof WeatherMASTER® is the toughest, hardest-working, longest-lasting radome in the industry. Patented WeatherMASTER® technology replaces conventional honeycomb and fluted coring with CMN2000—a rigid, PVC closed-cell foam material. This closed-cell construction virtually eliminates moisture-intrusion and moisture-propagation—the number one cause of damage to conventional radomes. Plus, WeatherMASTER®'s closed-cell structure provides 45 percent more impact resistance, offering an extra measure of protection to the sensitive, costly electronics inside the radomes and helps to maintain wind shear prediction capabilities over a longer time.