For Military Aircraft

Across decades of advancement in military and defense technologies, NORDAM has honed the crucial manufacturing and repair capabilities to support warfighters. We also have unique strengths in out-of-production spares and build-to-print programs. NORDAM employs experts in government contracting and related engineering support within a dedicated, cross-functional team of skilled technicians, bringing unmatched expertise in structural modification, manufacturing, repair, and overhaul for numerous military platforms including, but not limited to:

  • A-10 - Nacelle Doors, Speed Brakes
  • B-52 - Engine Cowling, Doors, Fairings, and Panels
  • F-18 - Flight Control Surfaces, Engine Bay Doors, Inner & Outer Wing
  • F-16 - Flaps, Doors, Covers, Skins
  • F-16 Manufacturing and Repair License from Lockheed Martin with authorization to build / repair parts across more than 375 parent part numbers
  • FALCONSTAR sub-tier supplier for leading-edge flaps and engine access covers
  • KC-10 - Thrust Reversers
  • KC-135 - WeatherMASTER® Radomes
  • E-3A - WeatherMASTER® Radomes
  • C-5 - Spoilers, Radomes
  • BlackHawk - Transparencies

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