Ethics & Compliance

The NORDAM Stakeholder Standard for Ethical Business Conduct is the foundation of our corporate culture, reinforcing our core values and guiding ethical decision-making.

“Our position is that we will never compromise integrity. Let me put it this way: Never cross the line. And to remove all doubt, stay six feet behind the line.”

—Meredith Siegfried Madden, NORDAM CEO

NORDAM Ethics Toll-free Helplines

USA – 866-549-4983

Mexico – 01-855-677-5800

United Kingdom – 0808-234-6537

**All helpline numbers work from anywhere in the world and contact NAVEX Global, our third-party service provider.

At NORDAM, we are committed to cultivating and preserving a respectful, trustworthy and rewarding environment. Likewise, we do business with companies that share our commitment to ethical behavior.

We’re proud of our reputation for successfully operating with honesty, respect, integrity, and the highest degree of professionalism—both in the global marketplace and in our local communities.

Training and Certification

All stakeholders and anyone working on our behalf must complete the NORDAM Standard for Ethical Business Conduct training, which emphasizes an individual commitment to business conduct.

Reporting Concerns

To facilitate an open and accountable culture, NORDAM encourages confidential reporting of any ethics- or compliance-related concerns via a toll-free helpline, a web-based reporting system or, if the stakeholder prefers, by contacting the Ethics and Compliance Officer in person. Proof of a violation isn’t required—only the honest belief that a violation may have occurred. We won’t tolerate retaliation against any stakeholder who reports possible misconduct in good faith, and reporting stakeholders may remain anonymous. We investigate all reports to the extent that is reasonably possible.