Advanced Solutions and Innovations

Part Expertise, Part Ingenuity

We continually embrace technology advancements to expand and refine our capabilities, product and service offerings. Major aircraft manufacturers, commercial passenger and freight carriers, and military operators look to NORDAM as both the standard for quality and a source of innovation.

Advanced Solutions

NORDAM utilizes advanced capabilities to develop and execute solutions that will make the next generation of aircraft possible.


Automated Fiber Placement

A method for producing high-rate structural composite parts with minimal material waste, supporting our dedication to sustainability.

Reverse Engineering

Dedicated internal substantiation for repaired and remanufactured parts.

Integrated Acrylic Billet Casting and Stretching

Our vertically integrated process starts with mixing a monomer through the final acrylic product.

Acoustic Treatments for Interiors

NORDAM generates solutions for a quieter cabin experience.

High-temperature Bonding

Established experience in higher-temperature composite bonding capabilities.

Non-destructive Inspection

Non-destructive inspection methods, including A-scan, C-scan, X-ray, MAUS, tomography and thermal.

Ultra Large Diameter Autoclave

Coming in early 2024, a massive 20-foot operating diameter autoclave will accommodate next-generation nacelle structures, wings and stabilizers for wide-body aircraft, and rocket and space vehicle components.

Indoor Anechoic Transmissivity Range

Testing methods which examine transmissivity at various frequencies.

Acoustic Perforation

State-of-the-art robotic perforation capabilities for the acoustical treatment of nacelle and engine products.

State-of-the-art Automated PAA and FPL Clean Line

Removes contaminants to the sub-micron range before assembly utilizing metal cleaning and product finishing process, including PAD/PAA and FPL/PAA.

High-capacity Robotic Acrylic Coating Cell

A state-of-the-art production cell for high-rate application of abrasion-resistant coatings on acrylic products.

NORDEX® 918: NORDAM’s proprietary cast acrylic manufactured to MIL-P-8184

NORDEX® 188: NORDAM’s proprietary stretched acrylic manufactured to MIL-P-25690

Vacuum Brazing

Vacuum brazing processing utilizing a high-temperature environment for metal joining.

Close Tolerance Milling and Routing Machines

NORDAM uses large-area routers and precision milling machines to meet customer precision requirements and improve manufacturing efficiency.



Winner of the industry’s coveted Crystal Cabin Award, Nbrace™ is a new aircraft seat-track attachment technology from NORDAM. It exponentially increases the range of possible passenger cabin configurations and reduces the size, visual weight and literal weight of in-cabin furnishings. With Nbrace™ these furnishings can appear to be floating on air.


Our proprietary WeatherMASTER® technology provides enhanced durability and protection from impact and water ingress while maintaining transmissivity. The result is a longer-lasting product that offers increased reliability in the field.

FAA Substantiated MRO Solutions

With years of experience across numerous platforms, we offer customers NORDAM-developed and engineered repair solutions that are immediately ready to utilize.

Proprietary Core Slotting Technology

Technology that automatically applies a predetermined cut into the heart of the composite core cells, eliminating the degradation of the core cell wall.

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