Decades of Experience Creating Aerostructures

NORDAM is trusted by aviation leaders worldwide to support their production and MRO requirements. We design, test, certify, and manufacture aerostructure components for the commercial, business, defense and space markets.

Fairings and Doors

The role of aerodynamics is crucial to aircraft performance and efficiency. NORDAM’s innovative precision composite manufacturing processes for fairings, closeouts, access panels and doors lead the way for advances in aircraft design.

  • Wing-to-body/belly fairings
  • Landing-gear doors


NORDAM’s proprietary WeatherMASTER® technology provides operators with enhanced durability, protection and increased reliability in the field.

  • Nose radomes
  • SatCom radomes and fairings
  • Enhanced Visual System (EVS) radomes

Flight Controls

Through a robust manufacturing system, NORDAM builds fixed and movable flight control surfaces for today’s most advanced aircraft. Our in-house composite and metal bond capabilities meet the demands for the largest and highest-rate production aircraft.

  • Leading- and trailing-edge flaps and wedges
  • Spoilers
  • Winglets
  • Horizontal and vertical stabilizers


NORDAM’s advanced manufacturing techniques produce some of the world’s most complex composite aerospace structures. Our innovative approach to tooling, composite lay-up and curing processes provides new solutions to the most prevalent challenges in aerospace.

  • Engine ducts
  • Engine inlets


We are skilled at producing thousands of configured and catalog flat panels with extensive facesheet and core combinations. NORDAM’S broad range of standard offerings include aluminum, fiberglass, Kevlar® and carbon fiber skins that can be created as monolithic laminations or in combination with aluminum and Nomex cores.

We can create custom thicknesses to optimize strength, weight and acoustical properties through vertically integrated manufacturing processes and configured panels with specialized features. Contact us for more information on our fully integrated interior solutions.

  • Flat panels
  • Configured panels


Through vast experience in composite bonding techniques, our versatile solutions address a wide range of customer needs, including hand lay-up of composite prepregs, numerous presses for molding of sheet and bulk compounds, platen presses for panels, CNC machining and milling centers, and multiple seven-axis automated fiber-placement machines using fiber tow.

  • Hand lay-up
  • Compression molding
  • Automated fiber placement
  • Platen presses
  • Metallic bonding special processing


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