Interiors Crystal Cabin Award Winner

Bringing innovative aircraft interior concepts to life

Our skilled and diverse team is experienced in working with everything from exotic veneers and delicate paint to standard hardware and laminate coverings. We partner with operators, designers and aviation airframers worldwide to deliver custom solutions. A Crystal Cabin Award winner, we are increasing the range of possible cabin configurations through innovative and unique designs.

Furniture and Monuments

Through decades of experience, NORDAM has extensive composite manufacturing capabilities to combine customer designs with proven techniques. We partner with airlines, completion centers and design houses to create awe-inspiring, passenger-focused environments for commercial, business and VIP aircraft.

Our robust catalog of composite panels used throughout the aircraft includes:

  • Cabinetry
  • Front-row monuments
  • Seat shrouds
  • Partitions
  • Galleys
  • Bars
  • Entryway spaces
  • Plinths

Crystal Cabin Award Winner

Winner of the industry’s coveted Crystal Cabin Award, Nbrace™ is a new aircraft seat-track attachment technology from NORDAM. It exponentially increases the range of possible passenger cabin configurations and reduces the size, visual weight and literal weight of in-cabin furnishings. With Nbrace™ these furnishings can appear to be floating on air.

Interior Components

An aircraft’s interior defines the passenger experience, and NORDAM offers the latest in cabin comfort innovations. Our engineering teams are at the forefront, developing new methods of acoustic performance for sidewalls, liners and floorboards to elevate passenger comfort.

We also provide raw composite panels, molded liners, and fully configured, finished products for many of the world’s aircraft, including:

  • Sidewalls
  • Headliners
  • Passenger service units
  • Valence panels
  • Floorboards


  • Hand Lay-up
  • Compression molding
  • Automated Fiber Placement

Advanced Solutions and Innovations


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