MRO Services

Maintenance, repair and overhaul of nearly every make and model of aircraft in business, commercial or military service today

With worldwide locations in North America and the United Kingdom, NORDAM is among the largest independently owned, third-party providers of MRO services. Our highly experienced technicians and engineers deliver innovative techniques and comprehensive solutions to address a wide range of needs, from basic scheduled maintenance and minor repairs to complete overhaul.

Through a strategic relationship with Airbus, NORDAM provides repair support for Airbus Proprietary Parts in North and South America. Our expertise enables us to support the most complex repairs on products such as flight controls, landing gear and cargo doors, including the A320 family of Sharklets, and elevators for A300/A310 and A320 aircraft. We are the exclusively authorized OEM and MRO service provider for CF6 thrust reversers.

Inlets and Fan Cowls

With decades of repair experience for inlet and fan cowls, we can address extensive repairs while maintaining the critical acoustic loss limits required by the Federal Aviation Administration. NORDAM has vast experience with product manufacturers and airlines to deliver a reliable and consistent approach to repair solutions.

Fan/Thrust Reversers

From blocker doors, cascades, actuators and other Line Repairable Units (LRU) to the more complex core cowl and translating sleeve, NORDAM offers full overhaul services and replacement parts. We offer a complete suite of bond tooling and assembly fixtures for most narrow- and wide-body reverser models, and exchange assets are available to support AOG or expedited needs. The NORDAM rotable team works closely with operations and our customer base to monitor schedule needs and completion dates, providing exchange options when needed.

Engine and Exhaust

Fan Cases | Tailcones

Whether repairing engine liners or completing complex repairs to engine exhaust components, our team evaluates customer needs first to recommend the most cost-effective approach. We service an extensive list of exhaust components, including common nozzles, center bodies, tail cones, fan cases and sleeves. Standard repair scopes include cracks, heat fatigue, impact damage, replacement barrels and damaged detail pieces.

Flight Control Surfaces

Flaps, Slats, Spoilers | Leading Edges | Sharklets

From repairing small dents to completely restoring a unit, our dedicated technicians are experienced in all aspects of flight control surface components and specifications.

We evaluate and repair impact damage, moisture intrusion, wear and tear and other impairments, and maintain expertise with the many fleet models of interchangeable flaps, spoilers, slats, rudders, ailerons, elevators and other related components.

We work with Original Equipment Manufacturers to develop and approve complex repairs that exceed manual limits. As a repair station for Airbus in North and South America, our highly trained technicians can complete extensive restorations across a broad spectrum of components for double-aisle aircraft and the A320 family of Sharklets, cargo and landing gear doors, elevators, fairings and flight-control surfaces.


Nose | EVS | SatCom

We are committed to helping aircraft safely navigate through all types of weather. As both a manufacturer and repair facility for radomes, NORDAM is experienced with predictive wind shear systems. Our specialists support customers through every stage of the design, testing and certification process, and we perform all levels of radome repairs.

Demand for our proprietary WeatherMASTER® technology has made NORDAM the leading manufacturer of current and next-generation EVS radomes.

Fairings and Doors

NORDAM’s extensive repair capabilities include a range of fairings and doors. From belly or wing-to-body fairings, landing gear and access doors, to access panels and passenger and compartment doors, all are candidates for repair and economical return to service. NORDAM can tailor a program to achieve inventory and budget needs.


AOG and On-Wing

Customer Support