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NORDAM develops, manufactures, repairs and overhauls transparency components and assemblies for fixed and rotor-wing aircraft. We do it all, from cabin and flight-deck windows and canopies to wingtip and landing-light lenses.

We are a vertically integrated provider of NORDEX 188®, NORDAM’s proprietary MIL-P-25690 stretched acrylic. Our unique two-ply NORSTAR® design offers superior optical performance and erosion resistance. NORDAM’s design, testing and bird-strike-resistance technology complies with aviation authority regulations.

From creating, casting, stretching and polishing, we deliver each component with the speed, quality and service NORDAM customers expect.

Cabin Windows

NORDAM’s high-volume manufacturing techniques and acrylic capacity allow us to support aircraft manufacturers and global operators with line-fit and aftermarket spare cabin windows. We modify our cabin window configurations to meet the unique needs of our customers, and offer diverse features including advanced coatings.

Light Lenses

Our operating environment is continually evolving so that we can offer customers the latest lighting system advancements such as NORSTAR®, our innovative wingtip and landing-lens solution.


NORDAM is an industry leader in forming complex shapes while maintaining the demanding optical requirements for rotor-wing applications. We offer various configurations, coatings, tints and colors for windshields, bubbles and side-facing windows.

Flight Simulator Screens

Supporting tomorrow’s aviators, NORDAM’s large-format acrylic screens meet the most stringent Federal Aviation Administration pilot training standards. Our proprietary Ultra Image II™ diffusion coating offers a flexible and proven coating, for superior optical performance.


Serving as a benchmark for the aerospace industry, our proprietary cast acrylic, NORDEX 918® and stretched acrylic NORDEX 188®, meet U.S. Naval standards MIL-P-25690. We are a vertically integrated provider of NORDEX 188®, and our applications absorb minimum moisture and boast superior K-factor attributes, providing an ideal substrate for durability, formability and clarity.

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