Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment to “Be the Benchmark” includes being a responsible corporate citizen. Guided by NORDAM's flight plan values and principles, our three pillars of corporate responsibility are Community, Environment and Stakeholders. 

We are focused on continuous sustainable improvement in each of these three pillars, serving our customers, communities, stakeholders, and industry as our business grows.

NORDAM supports our local communities through involvement in charity organizations, encouraging stakeholder philanthropy and volunteerism. Our key focus areas are education, particularly science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, as well as health, environment and initiatives that are important to or impact our stakeholders.

NORDAM has long supported the Tulsa Area United Way and was the presenting sponsor of Tulsa Charity Fight Night—created by Ray Siegfried and continued by his children—providing financial support for Tulsa charities since 1993. In 2014 the illustrious black-tie event was reconceived with a new name—Flight Night—a new format with appeal to a wider audience, and a new cause campaign: bolstering of Tulsa area business, education and community interests through STEM education.

NORDAM fosters environmental sustainability projects, processes and measures to benefit our community, customers and business. It is our responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint for future generations. We adhere to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework and are inspired by our culture of continuous improvement.

NORDAM stakeholders are the key to our continued success. We foster a work environment conducive to innovation, collaboration, fun, and leadership.

Stakeholder Activities

  • Celebrations surrounding NORDAM Founders Day, anniversary, Independence Day, Veterans Day, and more.
  • Softball, soccer, golf, paintball, basketball, flag football, running, cycling, fishing tournaments, and more are led and supported by our stakeholders.
  • Annual stakeholder and family picnic
  • Service award program
  • Senior leaders visit each division during fun, festive Halloween and Christmas events.