NORDAM understands that to achieve top engine propulsion system performance, highly engineered components must seamlessly integrate. Our engine, nacelle and engine component solutions include the latest advancements in inlet cowls, fan cowls, thrust reversers, Engine Build-Up (EBU) systems and structural engine components.

NORDAM is skilled in the design, build and certification of integrated nacelle systems, including stringent fire, structural and environmental testing to the latest regulatory and customer requirements.

Inlets and Fan Cowls

We meet the latest aircraft powerplant demands using advanced design and manufacturing techniques. With the latest in robotic technology, NORDAM creates light weight composite acoustic structures, high efficiency anti-icing systems, low drag aero-smooth surfaces and complex 3D geometries.


NORDAM designs and integrates complex Engine Build-Up (EBU) systems for the world’s most demanding and high-rate platforms. Our engineering combines a broad spectrum of ATA chapters to balance weight, performance and reliability. In addition to system design, we provide turn-key podding solutions for plug-and-play powerplant systems on the final assembly line.

Fan Cowls

NORDAM’s leading-edge composite manufacturing methods, such as automated fiber placement, produce cowl doors that offer optimized structural weight and strength, while still meeting rigorous fire, thermal and lightning strike requirements.

Thrust Reversers

NORDAM is a pioneer of mixed flow thrust reversers, introducing multiple generations of target thrust reversers and the first all-composite thrust reverser for the Gulfstream G450. Our latest pivot door design offers the highest level of forward thrust efficiency, reverse thrust stopping power and acoustic damping performance, powering the world’s newest and elite aircraft.

Integrated Solutions

Through years of experience, NORDAM optimally integrates complex nacelle components in aircraft propulsion systems. Our aircraft pylon systems include bleed air piping, electrical power distribution, engine control, fire suppression, fuel and hydraulic supply.


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